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Power Supply Board

Product Description

Power Supply Board: used for Infiniti/Challenger/Phaeton/Galaxy printers.


Spare parts for Infiniti/Challenger/, Phaeton/Galaxy, ZhongYe, Gongzheng, Liyu etc. printers are available from us.


The common parts for Chinese printers such as ink pump, ink filter, ink tube, sub-tank, ink sensor, encoder strip, encoder sensor, data cable, gear belt, media sensor, print head board, servo board etc. and that for Roland printers like cap top, damper, wipers are in stock, they will be sent out within 2 days after order confirmation.


The spare parts for the old generation printers will be sent out within 5 working days after order confirmation. The descriptions and pictures sent to us by email for confirmation will be much appreciated.


Please contact us for the price list.

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