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^ carriage hitting the frame; printout data error
Post time:2008-05-08 11:48:00  

Bi-direction print mode is selected, but actually it prints for unidirection; Bi-direction mode changes to unidirection during working; carriage hitting the frame; printout data error:


1) Long and short belts of the carriage movement are vibrating.

2) Check consistence between motor gear and motor.

3) Encoder strip and sensor are damaged.

4) Change motor and short belt.

5) If above problems are eliminated, try to reset the parameter of carriage movement in controlling software. The root cause for the problems is that the offset value of carriage motor encoder value and X encoder strip value is beyond the permitted range, it results in that the printer can’t finish the printing data controlled by X encoder strip within the carriage movement area and printing data error.

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